John Hennessy – Anchorage Branch Manager, Resource Data Inc.

What I noticed working with you was

– the consideration you gave to the problems you were solving,
– the people involved and
– the possibility for technology solutions outside your area of expertise.

It’s common for IT consultants to assume they are
solving the same problems they solved in the past,
not give enough consideration to the people involved and
use the technology they are most familiar with or
the technology to offers them a financial return
(e.g. product company professional services groups).
There are probably numerous reasons for this behavior but one legitimate one is expedience.
Most projects have defined scope, schedule, budget that leave little time for thought and dialog.
So I think
– strategic,
– advisory engagements
make more sense than “projects” for your skillset and interests.
 You provide a great example below in your description of the IoT for healthcare.
If I were the CIO of a major hospital
I would be interested in the possibilities but I wouldn’t implement anything mission critical
until the concepts were proven to work.
I could see you engaging at this level to create a vision for how IoT would be used in the future.
One level down in detail from the vision might be a strategic plan.
I could see you leading the development of this as well.
Then others could run software implementation and development projects as defined in the plan.
You would remain engaged to gather lessons learned and to make strategic level adjustments.