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Are these challenges you face?

  • making sure you are solving the real problem – that you’ve understood its true nature
  • developing a holistic and comprehensive solution to address multiple challenges
  • avoiding, minimizing, or even taking advantage of the disruptions that challenge many business segments and organizations
  • identifying viable alternative solutions so you can make an informed choice
  • choosing an approach that gives early results so you can validate your design
  • identifying and managing the changes required for a successful outcome

 Steps you can take:

  • Take a “design oriented” approach to deliver a viable solution.
  • Challenge assumptions, explicit and hidden – and get to the roots and true nature of your opportunities or challenges.
  • Get input, participation and buy-in from all significant stakeholders.
  • Develop alternative solutions – evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Build and test prototypes to validate your approach.
  • Anticipate the impact your project is going to have on the people and culture of your organization.

Let's talk
In an initial conversation we can explore the nature of your challenge — assess your specific situation and needs. We can discuss the benefits of a “design approach” and “design thinking” to create viable and innovative alternatives.  We can evaluate your organization’s readiness to undertake new approaches to solving problems. And we can review how other organizations have approached the kinds of problems you’re about to tackle.

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