Project Advisor – Setting up for Success

Are these current concerns?

As CEO of a museum with a staff of four hundred, I was faced with the challenge of competing interests in the IT field. There were various vendors each with their products to sell and several factions within the staff with different IT agendas. I needed expert, unbiased advice from someone with nothing to sell and no agenda other than the good of the institution. David studied the situation and the needs of the museum and gave me the precise, well-considered, expert advice I needed. David’s wise counsel made the IT decision easy to make with a confidence that proved to be well founded.
J. Revell Carr, Former Director and President
Mystic Seaport-The Museum of America and the Sea,
Mystic, CT
  • identifying options to speed project development
  • avoiding common causes of project failure
  • dealing with disruption of changing requirements and environment
  • difficulty getting technology to work as planned
  • organizational and staff resistance

 Steps you can take:

  • attain clarity and focus on the highest priority outcomes
  • identify the factors that are critical to success, and make sure they are shared and monitored
  • get active participation from all significant stakeholders
  • structure the team and its processes to avoid common pitfalls and handle inevitable disruptions

Ways I can support you:

  • Advisor – I can help you plan, create and guide a project team.
  • Independent voice – I listen well, probe, challenge assumptions, and think “outside the box”. My agenda is clear – to help you avoid pitfalls and make you successful.
  • Advocate – My business and technology experience and expertise, as well as my independence, allow me to help you get what you need. As you have no doubt experienced, business staff, technology staff and vendors often speak different languages.

Let's talk
In an initial conversation we can talk about the current stage of your project, and the problems and issues you face. We can discuss how you can structure the project and team to increase your chance of success, while mitigating many common problems. We can also identify specific actions you can take to keep your project on track.

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