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Are you concerned about these issues?

David is an excellent problem solver and idea synthesist. By understanding the larger context of a problem, he can often find solutions that people inside don’t see. If I had a need to reorganize, refocus, or just plain shake up an organizational group, so that it could better use technology or simply do its job better, I would consult with David.
Michael Gilbert
Advisor for Technology Initiatives and Services
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • knowing what technologies and trends are going to be important, and when
  • making sure you won’t miss out on important developments
  • making technology work as planned
  • taking risks on unproven technologies
  • preparing your staff to see and evaluate emerging options

Part of my job is to “look over the horizon” at new trends and technologies. I can help you evaluate how these developments can actually be positive − giving you opportunities and choices − rather than negative and disruptive.

 Steps you can take:

  • Identify the specific emerging trends and technologies that are likely to impact your operations.
  • Educate your staff to be savvy about the typical patterns of technology adoption.
  • Assign “scouting teams” the responsibility to track “technologies of interest” and provide regular updates on their status, application and maturity.
  • Run brainstorming sessions to create scenarios of how future developments could impact you, positively and negatively.

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In an initial conversation we can explore the value of staying on top of emerging trends and technologies. We can discuss how well your organization is prepared to deal with the impact of new technologies. And we can talk about steps you can take to enhance the awareness and knowledge of your staff.

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